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.: 3.30.2007 

Austin: Saturday

Ok, so once we actually got to Austin, things improved dramatically. The hotel bed was super comfy and the pillows were awesome. We didn't have one of those yucky velex (foam + acrylic 'velvet') blankets hiding under the bedspread; instead there was a white sheet, a thick woven white cotton blanket, and another white sheet. White = they wash it = yay! We crashed out after calling everyone who needed to know we had arrived, and thankfully got to sleep pretty late the next day (10:30ish).

Christine of Pointy Sticks and her intrepid family drove out the next day to meet up with us, and we passed a good half hour getting schnockered at a place called Iron Cactus (restaurant/tequila bar). A lovely young barmaid named Lindsey set me up with the Margarita of Doom (that's Hubby's local beer off to the side), so that by the time Christine and her entourage arrived I was well into giggle mode. Hubby ordered lunch for me, which was slightly hilarious because the very night before Christine had been waxing poetic to me about chicken fried steak when I informed her that yes, I knew of chicken fried steak, my mother used to make it, and I found it generally horrific. Guess what Hubby ordered for me? Chicken fried steak. .:facepalm:. I must give him credit for at least remembering that chicken fried steak had been mentioned recently. And, luckily, I was too drunk to care much when it arrived, greasy and being all chicken-fried-steak-y in my face.

I sobered up midway through the meal. Sobering up is always interesting for me as a spectator because it happens so suddenly. One second: teehehehehehee! The next: Yes, let's discuss the geopolitical ramifications of the dissolution of the former Soviet Union on the Baltic states. I'm sorry, did you need a minute to prepare? Then Christine busted out Pimp Kermie, which is a challenge to anyone's sobriety.

Afterwards we headed to Hill Country Weavers where I spent too much on one wet-looking blood-red skien of yarn. Did I mention it's silk? I am going to have to improve my crochet skillz to turn it into what I want to turn it into. While there I met Kathy of Platypus Dreams... and it took me until now to realize that she probably sounds familiar because I think she made a Choo Choo Bear hat for Something Positive at one point.

After blowing my entire yarn budget we headed to Amy's Ice Creams for some refreshment and over to the SoCo Bridge to watch the bats come out at twilight. Yes, I bought a bat plushie. His name is Alfonzo.

[A-ha! It's good that I make those little "notes to self" because I just realized I'd left out meeting someone else: Caro of SplitYarn! She even brought me a little Scrabble "Z" stitchmarker, awww. (I'm worth 10 points, btw.) If I had known there would be door prizes, I would have brought stickers! Caro is originally from Canada but moved down her to be with her boy, and is currently obsessed with remodeling.]

At this point is was late and the Pointy Sticks Clan needed to start heading back to Huston. Hubby and I stopped at Fuddruckers for dinner on the way to our hotel (it's the ultimate bad-for-you vacation food - dear Gods I hope they never build a Fuddruckers in Lexington). Just before heading to bed I managed to ram my hip into the side of the TV cabinet hard enough to make it bleed. I swear, if I ever wanted to paint Hubby as a spouse abuser, he'd have no defense. "Yes, Your Honnor, she was always covered in bruises. Said she had 'walked into a door' but we all know what that REALLY means!"

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