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.: 5.07.2007 

Odd dream.

Talk about a blast from the past coupled with some seriously strange Sharks vs. Jets action:

Last night I dreamt that I was in a mall somewhere. I'm not sure where it was, but it didn't look like any mall that I've actually been to that I can remember. (Malls all tend to look alike, at any rate.) Anyway, as I was walking around I kept seeing people in the crowd I knew - all members of the Guild. They were all heading in the same direction. I made eye contact with each and they nodded solemnly at me once, as if to imply "Duck and cover, some shit is going down and we are going to take care of it." After I had seen about four of them, all in different parts of the mall, I decided to follow one to find out what was up.

It turns out they were all headed to the mall's main entrance, which was graced with an ancient cannon, placed in profile to the doors and on a raised platform with a planter around it. There were seven members there total, including one person I think I might have only once in real life - he was kind of fuzzy. The other members were very definitely the people I had known. Unmistakably. They arranged themselves in front (and on top) of the cannon, facing the doors. I stood about 20 feet away, curious.

The doors opened and 15-20 people streamed in. Two of them were people I recognized as being members of another pagan group. They were going to take the cannon and, I don't know, probably do something dastardly with it. The entire thing had a feel of The Dark Is Rising about it. The air was crackling with power. It really felt like one of those "chose your side" moments, because I suddenly rushed forward to stand next to my ex-husband and throw in with the Guild.

I have no idea what happened next. I think this is where the cat woke me up. When I settled back down into the dream I was helping the Guild load the cannon onto a van. Then we were at a gas station filling up. I was being given tips on creating shields. And then I was awake again.

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