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.: 5.14.2007 


Saturday morning we packed half the kitchen and tagged about half the CorningWare for Rae and Bug's yardsale. I hadn't realized I'd acquired so much CorningWare. Amazing. We may need to go ahead and get a POD soon, as the nook next to our front door can only reasonably house about three packed giant totes.

That night we headed out for "Drunken Knitting" (the knitting was really just excuse for the drinking) with the SnB for Janis' Last Night In Town (ok, not really, she and Paul are leaving next week, but it was her last SnB). We had a good group in attendance: the Hubby and myself, of course, Janis and Paul, Ne, the ReBelle Girls, Erik, and Master Abby (who has finally re-emerged from underneath her PhD program, yay!). Drunk twice in one year - I must be reverting to some former self who was less annoyed with drunken people. Mmm wait... nope.

Surprisingly, we were not in bad shape on Sunday morning. Well, Hubby would have been fine anyway as he was DDing on Saturday (not to be confused with DMing). So, surprisingly I was not in bad shape on Sunday morning. We got spruced up and headed to Hubby's parents' house, where he resuscitated their old blueberry Mac. His sister showed up shortly thereafter and we had a nice little cookout. (Note to self: Dark rye buns + cheeseburgers = awesome!) I got a chance to cast on for The AC's June surprise project and have it 1/3 done. (Sekrit confession: I was actually sort of worried about getting it done after disaster #2, but practice and size modification are making things go much faster this time around.)

Then we headed up to Lville for some Wizard Rock goodness. What was funny (in that horrific, jesuchristo I'm old sort of way) was that the show was listed to start at 6pm. We get there and actually it's going to start at 7pm, but we got there early (5:30pm) and so we just ended up sitting awkwardly with the bands. I whipped out the knitting, but it was no good as a sure-fire conversation starter. Wtf? Is this what the Harlot means when she says not everyone is obsessed with knitting? Strange. ;)

One of the more popular Potter-fandom podcasts was there but I'm not sure which one (Prophecycast?). (Sekrit confession: I don't really listen to that many podcasts. Cast-On, the occasional Pointy Sticks and Quirky Nomads, and that's it.) All I know is that I felt better with them in the room, because before that Hubby and I were pretty much the only non-highschoolers. Main Podcast Chick (she seemed like she was in charge, not in a bad way, just did) had a freaking sweet Dark Mark tattoo on the inside of her forearm. It looked awesome, but even I had to wonder if she would be regretting it in 10 or 20 years. She also had a <br> tag tattooed above an elbow. I wonder if she broke her elbow? What bothered me most was that it wasn't XHTML/XML compliant. (Which would be <br />; but maybe she got tattooed back before XHTML? Nerd, thy name is Zabet.) They interviewed Matt (The Whomping Willows) and videoed several segments.

Lville's own Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Band opened. Ok, what is it with the majority of girl W'rock bands sucking? You get badly played instruments and someone singing who is passable in choir but doesn't always stay on key. (Moaning Myrtles Fleur Delacoeurs [sorry Myrtles, my bad, you guys can actually play], I'm looking at you.) That's a harsh review, I know. I do think they really have some potential because the arrangements and lyrics were good, they just need to practice, practice, practice. (Yes, this is the non-musician making these calls, but damnit, I friggin' lived with Fianna Rua and I know when a band is truly together and when it's just people all playing at the same time.) Keep at it girls. If the Go-Gos can do it, so can you.

Next was Bella's Love. I found out this morning that it was his first show ever so I am almost tempted to temper my review... almost. His guitar playing was pretty damn good, and at one point he managed to cut himself and sprayed blood on his guitar, so he gets loads of hardcore points. His lyrics weren't bad, though they did tend toward the sappy, lovey side. Lots of songs about couplings (not sex, but the pairs), for example, a song from Remus' POV about Tonks ("If Loving You Is Wrong, Then Baby I'm A Werewolf"). He was pretty damn emo without being stereotypically emo, if that makes sense. He sort of looked like cool-detachment-guy from "That 70s Show," not like a little goth boy. (Forgive my lack of character name knowledge; you know how much I watch TV.) He gave a disclaimer: he can't sing so he makes up for it with lots of screaming. I would beg to differ. The two short times he managed to relax and actually supported his voice he sang quite well. It would seem to be that it's the nervousness about performing that chokes his voice up. Sounds like he's pushing from the back of his throat, not his diaphragm like he ought to. The screaming thing is going to ruin his voice - he could hardly talk by the end of his short set.

One funny thing that happened during Bella's Love's set was that he played one non-w'rock song and encouraged the audience to sing along. (I think it was Avril Lavigne?) As all the old fogies - that is, me, Hubby, Matt, and the podcasters - had sat on the left side of the room and all the young'uns were on the other side, only one side of the room sang along. Guess which? It was as if Dumbledore had drawn an Age Line across the room.

Next Matt took the stage: "Hello, I am the Whomping Willow and we are The Whomping Willows." He's a great performer, and I got video of him singing "Loophole". He did songs from the old and new album, and of course we bought the new one afterwards. I did have a twinge of worry that since the crowd was so small (17 of us including the four people who comprised the three bands) he might think, "That girl looks familiar," and remember the STUPID things I said after the Yule Ball, but luckily he's done enough gigs that he's got a blur going. Either that or he was just too nice to say, "Hey, you're that girl who said the STUPID things to me after the Yule Ball." Either way, yay! Also, I have to admit that even though I would in no way consider myself yaoi (or into yaoi, whichever way to say it is more correct - Janis, feel free to weigh in) I absolutely love "In Which Draco and Harry Secretly Want to Make Out." Not only is it just a sugary sweet (not sappy, sweet) song, it's also damn catchy. Total earworm kind of song.

After the show we had dinner at Ramsi's. (Note to self: if I ever think I should get something other than a Jamaican Jerk Chicken sandwich, I must immediately slap myself upside the head.) I had a Tandoori Chicken sandwich, which, while good, was in no way comparable to the Jamaican Jerk Chicken sandwich. Ramsi's has expanded way out into the building next door and now has a huge patio with a fountain. Hubby and I sat on the patio and enjoyed the cool night air and some yummy coffee before heading home, where we each biked our eight minutes before passing out.

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thus proclaimeth the Zabet  11:42 AM   1 comment(s)


Haha, that would be "into yaoi". I have some comic I accidentally bought that has Cloud and Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII getting it on in a shower. Um... IT WAS AN ACCIDENT, I SWEAR.

By Blogger Janis, at 3:51 PM  

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