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.: 6.29.2007 

Saint Zabet?

My mom moved to a very small town in rural Kentucky after she retired. She and her monkey spend their time growing tomatoes, raising stray animals, and restoring their 99-year old house. After a few years, my mom decided to get involved in some local volunteer efforts, and joined Friends of the Library. She's now on the board.

[Edited 7/2/07 to add: Adair Co. Public Library Website and Contact Info]

When she told me they had less than one book per person for that county (and counties in Kentucky are very small - we have 126 or 127 of them), I was slightly appalled. Since I have more books than I can comfortably house and am about to move, I started culling them. I mentioned this to friends and they, too, added to the pile. (This is what happens when everyone you know is a bibliophile.) We've sent two big (multi-box) shipments home with my mom, and now someone at the local paper has asked her to write an article about me.

Um? Because I donated some books?

I told mom: "I'm kinda confused. It's a library that doesn't have enough books. I (and my friends) have too many books. The [local] library has a gazmillion books and doesn't need mine.... Books are good. People should have them. This is not difficult math, nor does it a celebrity make."

She replied: "To you this may seem simple to our library you have been nominated for sainthood." (Lack of commas are sic. My mom has comma fear. Don't ask.)

Saint Zabet, Distributor of Used Books. Yeah, the Pope'll get right on that.

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thus proclaimeth the Zabet  11:04 AM   3 comment(s)


I really enjoy your post, O Zabet.

Perhaps you might include the library's address on your site. They might find themselves deluged with books.

By Blogger Rion, at 11:20 AM  

They are getting cheap about the saint days so make sure to fight for your own day that you don't have to share with others.

By Blogger robyn, at 1:30 PM  

Rion: Good idea! The library DOES actually have a website... here's the URL, and I'll link it in the that post.

Robyn: Hrm, I wonder which day I should lobby for? I'm thinking December 25.... ;)

By Blogger Zabet, at 9:55 AM  

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