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.: 7.21.2007 

Body Count

Below is a list of characters killed in Book 7 as I have encountered them, but the text is in white so that no one's read is spoiled, though I'm probably behind most people at this point since the Hubby and I read aloud to each other and it just takes longer. Highlight the text if you want to read it.

1. Charity Burbage (Hogwart's Muggle Studies Prof) pg 12
2. Hedwig (Harry's owl) pg. 55
3. Mad-Eye Moody (Auror, OotP) pg. 78 (?)
4. Ollivander (wandmaker) pg. 84 (?) Not dead as of pg 464!
5. Rufus Scrimgeor (Minister of Magic) pg. 159
6. Rowl (Death Eater) pg. 174 (?) Alive on pg. 702
7. German Woman & her two children pg. 233 (?)
8. Gregorovitch (wandmaker) pg. 280 (?)
9. Bathilda Bagshot (historian, author) pg. 340
10. Ted Tonks (Muggle-born wizard, father of Nymphadora Tonks) pg. 439
11. Dirk Cresswell (Muggle-born wizard) pg. 439
12. Gornuk (goblin unhappy with wizarding control at Gringot's) pg. 439
13. Muggle family of 5 in Gaddley pg. 439
14. Peter Pettigrew (aka Wormtail; OotP traitor) pg. 471
15. Unnamed wizard Grindelwald pg. 472
16. Dobby (house elf formerly enslaved to the Malfoys, now free) pg. 476
17. Unnamed Gringott's goblin pg. 549
18. Uncounted Death Eaters (4-5?), while Voldemort is in a fit of rage after Harry acquires another Horcrux pg. 549
19. Crabbe (one of Draco Malfoy's flunkies) pg. 634 (?)
20. Fred Weasley pg. 637
21. Fenir Greyback (evil werewolf) pg. 646 (?) pg. (?)
22. Hagrid pg. 647 (?) Alive on pg 702!
23. Severus Snape pg. 658
24. Remus Lupin (OotP, good werewolf) pg. 661
25. Nymphadora Tonks (Auror, OotP) pg. 661
26. Colin Creavy pg. 694
27. Harry Potter pg. 701 (?) Alive on pg. 705
28. Bellatrix Lestrange pg. 736
29. Voldemort pg. 743
30. Another 50 wizards/witches from Hogwarts or OotP pg.
31. Uncounted Death Eaters pg. 608-637

? = We are lead to believe this death occurred though the death is not recorded precisely, and the character may reappear later in the book having escaped it.

JK Rowling said in a television interview that this book was "a bloodbath" but then laughed and said, no, it wasn't really. Jo, if this isn't your definition of a bloodbath, I'd hate to see you start writing in the slasher horror genre.


thus proclaimeth the Zabet  11:56 PM   5 comment(s)


I'm gonna go ahead an assume you aren't super pissed at me and comment.

yeah, I read the spoilers. bloodbath.

By Blogger Renee, at 2:38 AM  

Bug and I are reading it the same way too, but she had to work this weekend so our hours to read are severely slashed this weekend.

We're only about a quarter of the way through the book right now.


By Blogger Raellyn, at 4:57 PM  

White text doesn't work for RSS feeds, not that I care.

By Blogger robyn, at 3:33 PM  

Crappola, I didn't even think about RSS feeds!

Well, I hope I didn't ruin it for anyone.

By Blogger Zabet, at 4:39 PM  

You didn't ruin it.... I just stopped reading your journal until I was done with the book. :)

By Blogger Janis, at 10:00 AM  

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