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.: 8.07.2007 


After putting together some pieces for Cast-On, I have asked to do some minor voice stuff for a podcast called Quirky Nomads. It's weird, doing this distance collaboration with audio. With acting you have people to play off, so it's a lot easier. This is more like yelling/goofing off into a mic and waiting for an email to let you know if your audio quality sucks or you performed crappily. Very odd indeed. But I've been doing it often enough and hanging out with the podgeeks enough that I find myself the surprised owner of an AKG C 1000 S mic and a homemade pop screen. I promise this won't lead to singing. Really. Ok, I promise that this won't lead to singing that I will then inflict upon you. Deal?

Interested parties (that's you, Dad *grin*) can find my vocal works here:

Quirky Nomads: Haggard Girl
Quirky Nomads: Episode 3 of Circus of Mosquitoes (Ok, not exactly vocal work, but I participated.)
Quirky Nomads: Episode 6 of Blue Peach
Quirky Nomads: I Want to Take a Cab
Quirky Nomads: Episode 3 of Clara 73 (not yet released)

And won't Sage be annoyed when she realizes she's tagged as knitterati? Bark! Bark bark!

Cast-On Series 3 Episode 28: The Snatchel (18 minutes in)
Cast-On Series 4 Episode 35: Local Colour (Right at the start; collaborated with B on writing the Laughing Stalk piece.)
Cast-On Series 4 Episode 50: Scouting for Grownups (14 minutes in)
Cast-On Series 4 Episode 52: Finding My Mojo (22 minutes in)

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