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.: 8.30.2007 

Zabet to the rescue! And, house cats.

I was helping my friend across the pond this morning, which lead to me having an advance release of her podcast for testing purposes. Of course I listened to it anyway, test run or not. It's a good thing I did, or she would have posted it without knowing that she accidentally re-used an essay. She was able to insert the correct essay and have everything fixed before posting, so yay!

Last night Agatha finally stopped being mad about moving and left the safety of her cat bed. She wouldn't let us touch her, but she poked around the upstairs and downstairs, and gave us a look that said, "What the hell have you monkeys done?" This, of course, means that she has found new and better places to hide downstairs in the maze of stacked totes (though she is probably behind the piano), which in turn means that we can no longer do Kitty Bedtime because Aggie does not trust us enough to come when called. Since we're currently sleeping in the library/craft/guest room, which is a kitty-free zone, we let them have the run of the house and shut the door to where we're sleeping. This led to yowling, but it was still less yowling than the first night. We may actually be able to sleep kitty-free by the time we move our bedroom into the attic. Bliss!

As for the attic, we discovered that the vent up there gets so little air because the hole in the floor for the vent is 80% in the wrong place. That's right, only 20% of the duct is open to the room. *facepalm* Luckily, the floor up there is only sealed plywood, so we can use a hacksaw to open up the area that needs to be opened and simply put a larger register in.

Last night at 8pm the attic was 96 degrees. Hubby removed the small register plate and put a fan over the duct and by 9pm it was 79 degrees. We found the controls to the attic fan and it runs if it is more than 70 degrees in the attic room, which helps. I'm thinking if I can make some reflective insulation panels to put over the skylights during the day, we can make the heat up there manageable.

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