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.: 9.06.2007 

Guess who is getting sterilized on October 1?

I am, I am!

I have to give mad props to the folks at Bluegrass Women’s Health (KY Clinic South). They were so nice and non-judgmental. I was expecting a whole litany of questions: What type of birth control do you use now? (Ok, they did ask that.) Why don't you like it? Have you talked to your spouse? Are you sure? Etc., etc., etc. But La Otra Doctora was really understanding, and of course my tendency to research things to death impressed her. We thought that it might be closer to December before there was an opening in surgery for me (having tubes tied is not a life-threatening kind of thing, ya know?) but it turns out there was an opening October 1st, so I jumped on it. They then kept me a little longer to do a prelim exam and paperwork and labs.

Oh! I almost forgot to say that we decided to do the Essure coils. They are little bits of coiled metal that are inserted directly into the fallopian tube. It's sort of like putting a grain of sand in an oyster; the tubes scar up around the coil and block the eggs from getting to the uterus. This is extra cool because it's not actually surgery surgery - that is, there is no incision because they go in through the cervix. It also means not getting pumped full of uncomfortable gas to get more wiggle room in my abdomen. And it's the only sterilization method for women with a follow-up exam to make sure everything has gone correctly.

So, by the end of January at the earliest or the end of April at the latest, I will be off the hormonal birth control and blissfully child-free*!

*Every sterilization procedure still carries with it the risk of becoming pregnant, but the changes are less than 1%. About half of those pregnancies are likely to be ectopic, but La Otra Doctora assures me ectopics are much easier to detect these days so the risks from them have been greatly minimized.

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thus proclaimeth the Zabet  11:03 AM   2 comment(s)



By Blogger Colleen, at 3:23 PM  

I am thrilled for you!! I had my tubes tied at age 24 and have not regretted my decision for one millisecond!!

go, my twin, go!!

By Blogger Inky, at 8:23 PM  

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