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.: 9.18.2007 

The Tragic Thing About A Comedy of Errors Is:

That it's really only funny to the people who are watching it. So I hope y'all're enjoying this, because it's really making me want to smash crockery with a hammer.

This morning I was informed that I am now expected to Know Shit about Second Life. This is not Scary Asian Bosslady's fault, but rather someone up in the Adminisphere. Someone we call "Random," because most of the proclamations made by him or her (sorry, not giving up a gender as I've seen too many bloggers strung up by their toes for discussing work) are seemingly, well, random. So, even though I am not a programmer, even though I know nothing about 3-D art, and even though I have absolutely no interest in either of those things, I am expected to build things for my University in Second Life. This is, mind you, the program my long-distance friends and I discovered about two years ago and discarded for being too much work for too little payoff. I love it when the Adminisphere gets ideas from their teenagers, that's the best way to run a University, don't you agree?

So I think I'm going to go check the job boards, because this shit is NOT in my job description and I am tired of having to be everything to everyone in this University when all I was hired to do (and all I'm really good at) was Making Pretty. I am not a video editor, I am not a multimedia producer, I am not your Second Life whore. Kiss my fat ass.

In personal news, I just got back from trying to get my Depo shot, yes that's trying I said. It's really hard to have it done when you don't have the actual stuff they shoot you up with, which is what happens when no one tells you that you have to go get it at a pharmacy and bring it into the office. I've never used Depo, but my sister-in-law has, and she never had to do that. She pays, procures, and gets pricked all in the same place. How was I supposed to know? So I go to get the 'script filled because they say if I can come back before 3pm they can work me in. Except that it's hard to fill a prescription when you've lost it. Luckily, Hubby found it on my desk in the office and I was able to pick it up from him. Like an idiot I decided to use the drive-through at the pharmacy because I thought I could drop it off, grab some lunch, and pick it up. I say "like an idiot" because I ended up getting boxed in behind some old lady who was having Gods Only Know what kind of trouble, and so it took me 15 minutes just to drop off the prescription. I ask what the turnover time is and they say it will be ready at about 3:30.

I realize I'm really tempting Fate at this point, but I was supposed to be back at the office around 1:30, and it's 2pm by the time I get on to campus, so I just parked near the building. $25 for parking in a "no parking" zone seems reasonable - but we both realize here that my car is going to get towed, right? Because that's the kind of week I'm having.

"God, I hate this. This tone in my voice? I dislike it more than you do, and I'm closer to it!"

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