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.: 9.17.2007 

Very, Very Monday

Friday: Dinner with Josh and Gigi that went really well. Lots of hummus et other nummies at Oasis, lots of good hanging out accomplished.

Saturday: Kidnapped Raellyn (and then abused her truck) to go to my mom's house's 100th birthday party. No really. The mayor even stopped by for about 2.5 seconds, but it was still a very nice gesture. They had a country music/rockabilly band that was really good. Rae and I mostly hid and knit until there were only a few folks left; neither of us are big on crowds. Food was insane (in a good way) - mom really outdid herself. We reckon she'll be mayor herself in another few years since she keeps meddling with the town so much. (Mom is type A and theatrical. Yes, now you know where I got it from. Dad, on the other hand, is type A and angry. Yes, now you know where I got it from.) She keeps telling people I have pledged to round up 17,000 books for the library. Um? This is just like the time in High School I told her I really liked chemistry and she was telling everyone I was going to be a Russian-translating chemist astronaut. I'm not kidding. Yes, it is indeed amazing that I'm so "normal."

Sunday: Sleeeeeep. Installed toilet tank-top sink (mostly Hubby did this, but it took both of us to problem solve the less-than-ideal installation. Cleaned kitchen. Watched Monster Squad.

Monday: Email from my dad says, "I'm alive and well." Um, were you doing things that might make you not alive and well, or should I be worrying more because you've decided your health is precarious enough to send weekly updates?

This morning I had an 8am appointment at Pre-Op Anesthesia to make sure the folks who are putting me under don't kill me. Yay for not killing me! But I didn't get out until about 10am, so boo for slow healthcare. In the middle of it all, the nurse stopped everything to harangue me about being an ideal candidate for a gastric bypass. Thank you, but other than a burning hatred of my eggs I really would like to keep all my guts in order. That is some major surgery and it scares the bejesus out of me. Nothing like a gastric bypass pep talk in the a.m. to make you hate your body for the rest of the day.

When I got back to the office I made an appointment for my Depo-Provera shot (hormonal birth control that lasts 3 months), which I am supposed to get 2 weeks before my tubal for two reasons: 1) it thins the lining of the uterus so La Otra Doctora can find the openings to my fallopian tubes easier, and 2) it provides BC while I'm waiting 3 months for sufficient scarring to take place to make me sterile. I also put in a call to La Doctora (the usual, not the Otra) to discuss how my left leg is swollen. It turned out she had a cancellation that morning, so I went right on over. My left leg is swollen enough to be 1" greater in circumference than my right. This is cause for alarm, because if your legs swell it usually means blood clots. They sent me right on over for a leg ultrasound, but yay! No bloodclots! Just mysterious swelling…. oy. I am trying to remember to put my legs up for 15 minutes every night, but I don't think it's helping. I've also been cycling, but it doesn't seem to help either. *sigh*

So, back to the office I went and was immediately assaulted by a project that involves scads of video. I have to tell you, I hate video. Hate. it. Hate. It. I hate editing it, I hate dealing with the massive files, I hate dealing with stupid faculty who refuse to believe that Section 508 really does apply to them and they need to provide at the very least a transcript if not captioning. Add to that the fact that every computer I touched seemed to break, and there's me, crying in the bathroom because of my crappy day.

I need a vacation. Yarn school in two weeks! Also, only ~4100 people in line before me on Ravelry.

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thus proclaimeth the Zabet  7:13 PM   1 comment(s)


Aaw, sorry about the crappy day. But, yay! You're going to Yarn School!

By Blogger Janis, at 11:50 AM  

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