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.: 10.12.2007 

Anaphylaxis much?

So, I'm allergic to tree nuts. The last time I had a reaction was in college, when my friend Colleen tried to kill me by buying me a slice of cheesecake that (unknowingly) had ground walnuts in the crust. It was especially interesting because I had only had my tongue pierced for about two months and it swelled so much I had to take my barbell out.

Today for lunch I was munching on Chocolate Mint Clif Builder's Bar (high protien and fiber), and much to my surprise I saw this. That looks a damn lot like an almond, I thought. Sure enough, when I flipped the packaging over and read the ingredients, I saw a nice, bold allergen statement: CONTAINS SOY AND ALMONDS. (I swear I had checked this out ahead of time, but now I think I was looking at a different flavor - PB and Chocolate.)

Well holy crap. Why am I not swollen and burning and dying? I mean, I've always been the least allergic to almonds of all the tree nuts, but I could never just eat them like a normal person. It's possible to outgrow allergies - have I outgrown almonds? What about other nuts? Can you blame me for not wanting to conduct a taste-test to find out?


thus proclaimeth the Zabet  1:34 PM   5 comment(s)


I still apologize for trying to kill you (you hit enter).

Maybe it's that almonds are less oily than some other nuts?

How do the Cliff bars taste, when you're not worrying about anaphylactic shock? I need something to tide me over in the mornings, and Special K bars aren't cutting it.

By Blogger Colleen, at 6:24 PM  

• must pry directions to your house from the leon so that i can steal the forever night premier. oh, baby i miss him.

• how come you were never all that concerned about pandering to me, bitch? *grin*

• because they were too stuuupid to get the cartoon and once the racist flag is up everyone freaks the fuck out.

• LOLsecrets? lmao.

• must see book. must. must.

• speriment away, sistah. keep the epi pen handy.

• need to syndicate this bitch so that i don't read it every other month when i remember.

thus end the comments of robiewankenobie.

By Blogger robiewankenobie, at 11:25 AM  

or ends? dunno. but they're over.

By Blogger robiewankenobie, at 11:25 AM  

If you wanna try almonds, we can sit in the ER and give it a go sometime. Now don't that make a fancy AC meetin'?

By Blogger Renee, at 8:18 PM  

To be fair to Colleen, Hubby and I were talking about the last reaction I had and it was actually in a mall in Tampa, Florida, when we were visiting some of my family. We bought chocolate chip cookies in the food court and there were lurky walnuts.

By Blogger Zabet, at 9:11 PM  

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