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.: 10.18.2007 

Husband of Sexy Fixing-things-ness

[Note: I started writing this on Wednesday, so "yesterday" refers to Tuesday until I mention otherwise, from which point it will again refer to Wednesday. Got that?]

Monday we went Sears and then to dinner at Carinos. On the way there the car door on my sideto me made and odd, internal KERPLUNK noise. When we got to Sears, I noticed that it wouldn't quite close. When were leaving, Hubby looked at it and saw that the screws on the latch mechanism were missing/loose. Ok, 2/3 were missing, one was loose. He tightened it back up with his leatherman and shut the door. It locked. I was in the car. Oh my. Remember, we had the locks removed from the doors a few months ago. We drove over to Johnny Carino's and I climbed out over the driver's seat. Yup. Time to seriously look at getting a new car.

Yestiddy Hubby stayed home from work and was quite the domestic engineer, so quality of life at Chez Team Stewart-Logan is on the up (other than the car issue)! What fabulous things did he do? Leesin vurry caarfully, I shall sai thees onlay wance!

1. He hunted and killed a new element for the stove. The stove at the townhouse, you see, is quite possibly original to the building. It's a Kenmore, and design-wise I would pin it to the mid-80s, which was when the townhouse was built. The third or fourth time I even turned it on (to make a frozen pizza, as we were up to our eyeballs in unpacking), there was a loud noise and black smoke rolled out when I opened it up. The bottom element had exploded! Luckily, Sears is very good about parts and it was only $30 for a new element. I won't mention how Hubby almost killed himself installing it because he meant to but actually forgot to unplug the oven. He didn't die, so I'm just not thinking about it and moving on.

2. He installed our new Insinkerator garbage disposal. I don't know how ML timed it, but as soon as we took possession of the house things started to break. The garbage disposal was first to go - it died the very first time I flipped the switch to use it. Since we didn't have a garbage disposal at the old house, we didn’t worry about replacing it right away because we were used to not using one. We bought one with one of the myriad of coupons they send you when you move, and it had been sitting in a corner still in the box. Hubby has done the garbage-disposal swap before, so it went well.

3. He swapped out the green combo washer/dryer for the old washer. Without spilling water all over the floor.

[Time shift back to today.]

Yesterday was fun. I got to ride the bus downtown and go to the library for an AC meeting. Afterwards, me and Ne and our respective hubbies visited Kim for fantastic spicy black bean chili, tortilla chips (me, the loser), and both dark chocolate brownies and blackberry jam cake with caramel icing for dessert (Ne, the overachiever). We watched Steven King's Sleepwalkers, which is quite possibly the worst movie ever made, but in a "so bad it's funny" sort of way. We MST3K'd all the way through it and had a great time.

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thus proclaimeth the Zabet  11:29 AM   1 comment(s)


Jay has shocked himself not once, but twice when hooking up the dryer. And not little, "Oh, a crackle" shocks.

But he's still alive. I'm glad.

By Blogger Colleen, at 9:09 PM  

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