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.: 11.02.2007 

So much time, so little brain!

I have been basically immersed in putting up the AC for the past week. It was rough - there was weird shit happening to the files that if anyone else had told me it was going on I would have thought they were a) crazy, b) lying, or c) stupid. So I ended up having to recreate a lot of stuff after the website broke, and then recreate it again when it broke the second time. I was pretty much ready to tear my own arm off and bludgeon myself in the head with it.

But other stuff happened, too, so here's a quick rundown:

Wednesday, Oct 24: Went to Independence, KY for a Whomping Willows show at the William Durr Public Library. While the name was laughable, the library was cool as hell. They even had a courtyard with a book-shaped lawn sculpture. The crowd was pretty small, mainly teens who dressed up, but as always Whompy put on a great show. He's got his shtick down pretty well, so it all goes very smoothly. The teens seemed pleased. And, on his final song ("In Which Draco and Harry Secretly Want to Make Out") he subbed the line "Draco and Harry sitting in a tree" with "Dumbledore and Grindelwalt sitting in a tree" to much cheering. You want to see some video? (Sorry it's a little shaky, I was sitting on the floor and my legs were taking turns falling asleep.) [Edit: YouTube says the video is still "processing," so if it tells you it's no longer available, just try back later.]

Thursday, October 27, Hubby and I watched Monster House and were quite pleasantly surprised to find that it was not only good, but a little scary.

Sunday, October 28, I went to SNB at ReBelle and got the majority of the ass of a large [censored] knit that I then completely failed my felting roll for. Half of it felted, the other half looked rather like fishnet stockings. It's salvageable, fixable, but at that point I was just like, "Hrm. Let me walk away from this now before I begin to shout obscenities and break things. It will still be fixable tomorrow." (See Dad, if I can do it, you can, too. *grin*)

The AC went up on Wednesday, October 31 in the late afternoon. I pretty much sat around and drooled after. I had taken off work so I could do last minute AC stuff, and it was very nice.

Thursday, November 1, I was also off work, but woke up early with Hubby. I checked email and the error reports came rolling in so I spent the morning fixing the AC. Then I got a sudden burst of energy (from that morning's adrenaline dump) so I cleaned the kitchen, did a load of dishes, did two loads of laundry, and unpacked two totes full of kitchen stuff. (We still can't find the forks, but I *did* find the corkscrew! Yay! Lambic!) Then I met Hubby and Raellyn for lunch at Mellow Mushroom, and after Rae and I headed to ReBelle where I put my new drive band on my spinning wheel split my carded top from Yarn School into pencil roving. Then we took turns reading from Gothic Beauty magazine and The Underachiever's Manifesto until Hubby was ready to go home from work. We hit Meijer for some groceries and Culvers for a patty melt (grilled cheese for the veggie Hubby). When we got home I oiled up my wheel and tried to spin. With no success. I have no idea what's up, but my wheel sort of hates me now. I think perhaps the drive band is too short (=too tight). So that was an exercise in frustration. I finished out the evening reading some paperback fantasy I got in high school: Castle Perilous. Fun, fluffy reading.

Fill in all the gaps above with "And then I worked on the AC" and you have my week.

Now we just have to get ready for my sister's visit next week, Whompy's visit the week after (dude, hanging wit da w'rock stars!), and Janis' visit after that. So yes, after November the house should be fully unpacked. I command it!

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thus proclaimeth the Zabet  10:28 AM   1 comment(s)


I think I could use a cork screw as a fork if needed.

By Blogger newsbug, at 5:39 AM  

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