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.: 11.14.2007 

Whompin’ Good Time

Yesterday I had a ton of stuff to do at work that I hadn’t gotten done due to computer issues, so I went in early. After work, Hubby and I already tired, we headed over to Dear Jane’s to set up for Whompy’s show. Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Band had to bail because their lead singer had the flu. (Apparently the guitarist was also out of town, but Hubby missed that earlier email, so to us it felt like a last-minute bail – no hard feelings, just last-minute.) Rae, Hubby, and I laid out a spread of munchies, and rearranged some furniture. We were feeling pretty bad for Matt and Sam (the merch girl) because they have been driving for ev ah and not sleeping so much. But Whompy put on an awesome show, as always, and broke the D string on both his guitar and his backup guitar.

Here’s where I explain how I’m married to the Wizard Rock Pimp of Lexington. Hubby had contacted the public library when he was looking for a venue for Whompy a few months back. They never got back to him, and he wrote it off. Then (2 months later) he gets an email from the PR guy saying how interested the library is in this whole “wizard rock thing” and can they please meet? Hubby meets with him and the (I think) Programming Director, and they tell him how much they are trying to get younger folks into the library, then turn around and propose a monthly wrock show, free to the public, bill footed by the library, with Hubby as the band-wrangler. This is where I pointed at him and laughed, because these guys could totally contact the bands themselves, it’s just they realize how much work is involved and that they have the perfect sap to do the work for them for free. I pointed, I laughed, and I informed Hubby he was now what we call “a volunteer.” So Hubby is excited, I’m excited, and the guys at the library are very excited, even more since having come last night and seen Whompy play.

After the concert the library folks took Whompy on a tour of the venue (144 seat auditorium, yay!) while Raellyn and I packed up. Hubby and I then kidnapped Matt and Sam (by way of them following us in their car) to Mellow Mushroom for some dinner. What do you do at dinner with a wizard rock rock star? First of all, “The Human Hosepipe” plays in your head, the needle skipping on awwwwwwwkwaaaaard siiiiilence and you do a lot of silent prayer that you don’t say something really stupid even though this guy is four years your junior. And then your husband outs you as a published author and makes you talk about yourself and you try to hide behind your hands but you can’t. Then, mercifully, the conversation turns to everyone’s favorite kinds of fake meat, and we all agree that tofu must be cooked just right.

We discovered that Matt has an English degree (to which I replied with 20/20 clairvoyance, “So you can either teach English, write, or have a string of odd, unfulfilling temporary jobs.”) and he admitted that he did temp work for a few years before landing a ‘proper’ job as a technical writer, but then all this wrock stuff happened and he realized he’d much rather be a musician than a technical writer, so he jumped off the cliff and into wrock full time. He broke even the first year and even make a little the second. That is one hard-working musician, folks. Ani Difranco would be proud.

And here is where I was going to post the second song I got on video last night, but I left the file at home so I’ll have to post it a little later on tonight.

Also? Operation: Seriously Now, Y'all Need to Unpack was a huge success. Photos here (email me if you need your flickr account added as a friend to see them).


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