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.: 12.04.2007 

Brain Dump

Ok, Yule/Crystal Ball pics and audio to come. But first I must mention the interview last night with the local newspaper.


1. She wouldn't let go of the knitting thing. Dude, seriously. GET OVER THE KNITTING. Do you hear me, media peoples? GET OVER IT. We never set out to be a knitting website, we never set out to write a knitting book, so shut up about the knitting already.

2. She was so amazed that we were so "different!!!" I am really having a hard time with this one. Jesus, so what, ya know? Not everyone is the same. We all have brains, we all have an equal chance of thinking something up, and—narcissism aside—just because I or Ne happened to think of something before you did doesn't really make it that much more spectacular. My synapses fire just as much as yours, think of some damn things yourself.

3. She couldn't wrap her brain around how much we were NOT looking to "tap our market." She was surprised we don't do commission work, surprised we weren't looking to start a line of goods and have them made in China. Hello, did you even read the fucking introduction to the book before coming to interview us?

4. And of course, I couldn't NOT put my foot in my mouth. When I declined to be photographed and she set up a time with Ne, she looked over at me and asked if I would be attending or was I "afraid we'll try to photograph you?" I laughed and said the truth, like an idiot: "Yeaaah, I don't trust the Herald-Leader." Whoops. I tried to let it go, but she pressed, so I just said I'd been misquoted in what I hoped was a "eh, it happens in newspapers" tone of voice, but she kept pressing. I explained about how another reporter had asked me for a question to ask Debbie Stoller, which I had a hard time coming up with so I just turned to the whole Hermione knitting thing because, like an idiot, I was trying to be nice and do the reporter (and fellow SNB'er) a favor, but then she turned my question into a quote and made me sound like a dork. Guess what? This reporter is friends with that reporter. And the earth NEVER opens up to swallow you whole when you need it to. So then the current reporter kept apologizing and telling me how her job is to "reflect the truth" and I just kept saying, "It's ok, it's ok," trying to get her to drop it, but she wouldn't. And right now I'm kicking myself for not saying, "Um no, it's not really about reflecting the truth, it's about selling newspapers. You are not in charge enough to make it about truth. If a newspaper was about truth it would be free and not accept advertising. If what you write does not help sell newspapers then you will get reprimanded, or have your story pulled, or edited. Your intention will not win out over the owner/publisher's need to make money."

Later, when recounting this to Raellyn, she gasped and said, "Oh no! Not that reporter! She's, like, the soccer-mom reporter!" *laugh*


thus proclaimeth the Zabet  9:20 AM   1 comment(s)


I am sorry that you had a bad experience with this reporter. I know too many people who've had a bad experience with the media and mistrust newspapers because of it, so it's equally as upsetting to me to hear such stories. But I do have to comment on this.

"If what you write does not help sell newspapers then you will get reprimanded, or have your story pulled, or edited."

How dismal that sounds. And it's not necessarily true.

Telling the truth does NOT always sell newpapers, in fact, sometimes it gets subscriptions canceled and advertising pulled. But good publishers (and most of the ones I've met, though not all, ARE good ones) do it anyway, because those are the kind of newspapers people need and want to read. And people get over it, and they forget, and they re-subscribe — and besides, there are other advertisers.

Which is not to say that all papers remember this. Some certainly forget that, and have been intimidated to tell the truth because of it.

But I assure that you what I tell IS the truth and not a damned person here tells me not to write it because "it won't sell a newspaper." I have probably lost readers over my stories before, but every one of them was true. And NO one every stopped me because it was bad for revenue.

By Blogger Britz, at 12:41 PM  

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