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.: 12.07.2007 

The Crystal Ball (Finally!)

Note: if this sounds like it lacks enthusiasm, it’s only because I’m sleep deprived and this is a long post. We had an awesome time.

We arrived at the hotel with an hour to spare, so we stretched our legs and changed into our “fancy” clothes. I realized I had not considered shoes. Luckily, my Chucks are black (with awesome black shoelaces that have white stars on them).

We found the Mohican castle pretty easily, however finding the correct building was a bit harder, but we prevailed. It was sort of scary to walk into a setting where almost everyone else knew each other already, but after walking in, Matt (Whompy) came up and hugged us and said hi. Then we discussed how much we hated dressing up, and Matt (in his sportcoat, tie, and jeans) kicked out his leg to show off his Chucks. I laughed and showed him mine.

Wherein We Learn...

A guy named Todd was nice enough to explain the ice-breaker game that was going on. We were given a list of facts/questions to ask people, and they had to sign off on our list to prove that we had talked to them. Todd looked familiar... and it turns out he was dressed as Snape at the Book 7 release party in Wilmington. One of the things we had to do was ask Matt his favorite color. Easy enough. (Blue!) Another thing we had to do was find the Head of Wolf House (Landoll’s Mohican Castle was given an entire backstory to make it Landoll’s Academy of Sorcery; hats off to the creative folks at HP-Ohio!) and howl at her. We also had to make a silly face at Bradley Malfoy (I am caving to the online naming convention rather than using Bradley-Draco any longer) and sing for Brian Malfoy. We had planned to sing the beaver hat song, but we walked up to him I just froze. “I’m sorry,” I said, “But I just can’t sing in front of you.” Then we had the idea to sing “The Metal” because it was more like speaking, but we both got flustered and messed the words up. Brain graciously signed our papers while we stood blushing.

At this point we needed a good stiff drink. We put down our things at a table (sheets, pens, my purse and camera) and headed to the bar. I got a nice margarita on the rocks and Hubby got a vodka tonic. We came back to our table to find a small crowd gathered and a girl (Kate, I think) holding up my camera case, turning it over and over in her hands. My first thought was that they were looking for ID on it because they worried it might be lost. It turned out they were trying to see if the camera was damaged, because the outside of the case had been melted rather badly in one corner. What?

More Carnage!

Then I saw the ashes on the table and Hubby’s ice-breaker sheet which had been burnt almost entirely up. Did I mention there were a zillion candles on each table? There were. Hubby had not been careful enough in putting down his sheet and nearly set the table on fire. Thank goodness folks were around to put it out, and luckily my camera bag took all the damage and not my camera itself.


The HP-Ohioans still liked us even though we tried to set the Ball on fire. Yay!

Before dinner, we sat for a bit and tried to minimize the soot factor on the table. We were joined by Michelle and Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy. I have to admit, I was intimidated by the Malfoys. Their costumes were wonderfully detailed, and my first thought was that anyone going through that much trouble to role play being the bad guys were surely going to be assholes.

Narcissa and Lucius Malfoy

It turns out they were really nice! Our table was fairly witty (if I do say so myself), so the conversation was easy and comfortable. Lots of Harry Potter jokes and “getting to know you” stuff.

Dinner was fabulous. There was a cheese lasagna, merlot chicken, and beef tenderloin, garlic mashed potatoes, rice pilaf, multigrain and wheat rolls, and romaine salad. Not to sound pervy, but the beef was the best meat I’d ever put in my mouth. I’m not big on red meat, so this is a big compliment. Michelle and I both wanted to try some of everything, so we split a piece of tenderloin and a chicken breast and got very small portions of lasagna and the sides. (Except for salad. For whatever reason, I have a dear love of salads-with-nothing-but-straight-vinegar-on-them that is inexplicable considering the size I am.)

Then the dancing began. A DJ started us out, and mostly we watched while talking. Narcissa (never did learn her real name!) is a belly dancer, so she spent a good amount of time on the dancefloor, but Lucius refused. They did dance together on one of the slow dances (Billy Joel, “Just the Way You Are”). I wanted to dance a little, but it’s embarrassing, ya know, when you aren’t goofing off with friends. To my great surprise Matt came over and pulled Hubby and I onto the dance floor. What can you do? The tree commands it. We danced. Awkwardly, but had fun.

[Warning: The next paragraph will ruin HP for you if you can’t bear to think of the characters outside their nice PG-13 world.]

Next Whompy played his set. The bands had been given permission to be “R-rated” since it was an 18+ event. Gleeful substitutions included: “Concentrate just a little bit harder when you’re riding in your fucking car,” “Next time consult Hermione because at least she would go down on me,” “Hermione fucks like a puma,” and “Draco and Harry, sitting in a tree, F-I-S-T-I-N-G!” The crowd loved it, and I about peed myself laughing!

Whompy was joined by the Malfoys on the last two songs, and Bradly Malfoy was debuting his mad violin skillz. He sat near us to warm up his fingers and rosin his bow. He saw Hubby and I gesture towards him while I was explaining what he was doing (thank you, 5th grade tryt with violin) and he came over and talked to us! I told him how horrible I was at violin. He said that he thought there were a lot of instruments (guitar, piano, drums) where in a week you could learn enough stuff to hold your own through a song and sound good to non-musicians, but the violin was hard enough that after a year you still sounded pretty crappy.

He had only been playing a month and sounded better than me after my year in 5th grade. Stupid musical savants.

Bradly Malfoy

There was a second DJ set, and then the Malfoys were on. I didn’t get video—well ok, I did, but the light was very low and the video quality is horrible. The audio, however, is good so I stripped it out and made it into an mp3 you can download below:

Right-click (Mac: cmd-click) to download
["Party Like You're Evil" and "My Dad is Rich" in one mp3]

I will admit, I love the Malfoys but I was so tired at this point I mostly sat and watched rather than standing next to the stage so I could wrock out. Hubby indulged in some headbanging, which earned him impressed stares from the other guys.

And then all the sudden it was time to go. We gathered our party favors and exchanged email addresses. Everyone was sad (or at least claimed to be) that we weren’t going to the afterparty (Castle guests are allowed to use the pool/Jacuzzi area until 4am) but we had to drive the hour back to the hotel because the next day we needed to be darn near to Shakertown for P’s mom’s family holiday gathering. Matt professed of our coolness to Bradley Malfoy.

We were asleep before our heads hit the pillow that night, I think. We had wanted to leave at 8am the next morning but actually left more like 8:45am. I tried to stay awake to keep Hubby company but twice I drifted off. We had a good time with Hubby’s family but were exhausted. All the partying made for a very fun, but very long weekend. I look very much forward to sleeping until 11am on Saturday. (I’d sleep til noon but I have to be at JoBeth by 1pm. Better early than late!)

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