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.: 12.10.2007 


It’s 3am, or near enough that by the time I’m done writing this it will be. I am tired, but awake. It has been a long weekend.

Friday would have been cause to go home and cry had my and Ne’s friends not come to the rescue. Ne and I showed up at 3rd Street for our release party and… nothing. Pat wasn’t there. There were no refreshments. No one knew we were supposed to be there. Ne’s out-of-town friends Kristin and D’wan were there with me and Hubby, and we just sat. I know I was trying to not think too hard about it for fear of crying, and I think Ne may have been in a similar spot. Then Jane showed up, the den mother, and we talked to her about it, but then Ann showed up with Samara, and then Robyn and Philip came, and then Jessi F. came and brought her friend Dan, and before we knew it we had a party anyway. We even signed and sold some books and let folks fondle some of the projects. So, what teetered on the brink of being a really sucky night was completely turned around. I am a very lucky girl, I think, to have such good friends.

Saturday I managed to sleep until 9:30am (that whole sleeping late thing has eluded me for a few months now). I made a list and checked it twice. I met Ne over at JoBeth at noon thirty. We went in and announced ourselves (gah!), but thankfully we were expected this time and there was a table set up with books on it and a sign and everything.

Table with a View

Rachel (whom we had met when Debbie Stoller first came to town) was glad to have us and super nice about everything. She brought us water (which, you must understand, was mana from heaven after our experience in the waterless hell that was BEA) and gave me a chair without arms (because wide hips + chairs with arms = Zabet in pain). She even brought another chair for my mom, which I thought was really nice of her.


So yes, Mom showed, in overalls as promised. I’m smiling right now because they weren’t denim overalls, there were sort of rayon-y pretty green ones with some embroidery on the front that I know she’s not going to be able to wear on the farm for fear of messing them up pretty badly. So, she has “dress overalls” now and that just sort of cracks me up. Kristin and D’wan were on the scene as well, and Jane, Brittany, Dr. Heather (with both son and teratoma in tow), and some folks from Ne’s writers group stopped by to say hi.

Kristin Photo Maven Cameo

We probably sold about 10 or 12 books in the four hours we were there, which is pretty good considering most people who walked by gave us the hairy eyeball. Some lady named Jody walked up, talked to us, had us sign a book, and then later came back to drop the book back off on the table, we presume because she didn’t want it. Seriously folks? If we sign the book to you personally, you should have the decency to buy it. It was embarrassing, but Rachel said she’d take care of it. I told her if for some reason they decided to just throw the book away (unlikely, yes, but IF) I could find it a good home with one of the many forced-to-be-frugal AntiCrafters who visit the forums. No word yet on that; they will probably put it on the remainder table. Another girl came and bought three books for her friends: Jennifer, Jennifer, and Kimberly. I hope they like it! One woman bought a copy for her daughter who is on an exchange to Germany, but flipped through it while at the Café and decided to come back and get a copy for herself! We also met a local doll maker who wanted to know what galleries we were showing in, which was just too funny.

Hubby and I had dinner at Oasis afterwards to mark the occasion.

The party at ReBelle was much more laid back. Pretty much the whole SNB was there (ok, by “whole” I mean “at least 2/3 of those of us who meet regularly” not “the 200+ folks on the email list), plus my Dad in his Doctor Who scarf. I didn’t get any photos so I’m waiting on D’wan’s, but there were four eyeball cakes by Raellyn and vampire-victim cupcakes by Sarah. Ne and I held a craft contest wherein contestants had to make puppets out of lunch bags and the prize was a free copy of the book. Pappas and Dr. Heather made conjoined twins (with a shared liver), Kristen made a vagina, and Bug made a damn dirty hippie. There were lots of other puppets, but I can’t remember every one of them (actually, there was one more set of conjoined twins, and one that was sort of “Half-Jack” or “Dr. Jekyl/Mr. Hyde”-ish, and one that made me think of Dr. Teeth). Erik won, though, with his puppet monster that had eyestalks (his fingers with googly eyes glued to them) and a tongue (his thumb). It was just… creepy, so we had to give he the grand prize. Ok, the only prize.

And today I managed to sleep until noon. Of which I am now reaping the bitter wheat, as it’s 3:15am and I’m totally awake. Tomorrow is going to suck, but at least we have a coffee pot in the office.

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thus proclaimeth the Zabet  3:22 AM   1 comment(s)


I don't know how I missed that you were having an afterparty or I would have been there to help you guys celebrate. I only started checking the listserv with any regularity in the last week so I blames missef.

By Blogger Mild Biscuit, at 3:43 PM  

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