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.: 1.09.2008 


This is my last time to fob off before I need to get some serious stuff done at work, so I’m going to recount, in no particular order (because I’m having problems with Order) stuff I did over the break. I will warn you that it is VERY stream-of-consciousness.

I drank a lot of tea. For the first week and a half I kept getting up obnoxiously early (8-9am) so I would make myself a nice cuppa with my new teapot and matching cup and read. I read a lot, about four books' worth in Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series. They're ok, I'm mostly reading because now I'm slightly invested in the characters and the co-worker I'm borrowing them from has the whole million-volume series. There's a bit too much rape (for "horrors of war" value) and preachiness ["to be free is to be responsible for your own life" and "war is bad, but I'm going to kill anyone who gets in my way (at least I'll give them a warning first)"].

I didn't manage to knit as much as I wanted to. I had plans to spend nearly every afternoon hanging out over at ReBelle but it only happened about three times. I don't know why, I just wasn't into the knitting over break (though I started out strong with a Giftmas Day knitting hangout with Janis), I was just more into the reading. I did work on my second knee-high sock and have made good progress, but it's still far from finished. While in the car to Columbus I knit Abalone from Ruth's Going Straight: A New Generation of Knitted Hats and I think it's gorgeous, even on Grandma Amy.

I also worked on a shitload of AC stuff. I wonder if four volunteers is one too many? But they were all so wonderfully qualified, how could I not want to take advantage of each person's talents? *sigh* The good thing about having folks ask you to teach them your process is that it makes you examine your process, and I've already refined and tweaked from what I thought I wanted originally. This is going to be good for the AC, to have new eyes on it, new ideas about how it should work. It's just resulted in a fuckload of typing since we're mainly using email to communicate (and I can't. shut. up. sometimes.) This could be a flaw. We'll see. I also decided to move the production timeline around so that I'm not always chained to the computer on my birthday and on Halloween, which will involve many little subtle changes in the timeline over 2008 until it gets stabilized in its new version in 2009. Jesus, 2009. Who would have thought the AC would even have lasted that long. As my family likes to remind me, I quit everything. Amazing.

Speaking of family (and in-laws and friends while we're at it), I spent a good load of time with people over the break: Hubby's family, my dad and stepmom, The Smiffins, Janis, Dylan, Clarine, the SNB'ers. I think I managed a good balance of social time and hermit time (because Hubby and I both loves us some hermitting). Oh, and I got to record my dad baa-ing like a sheep for a friend's podcast. That should be high-larious when it comes out. I could barely get him recorded for wanting to laugh so hard! I literally had to sit with my hand over my mouth while he was recording. I love my dad. Janis hung out with us on Giftmas Day, which was cool because usually it's just me and Hubby wondering why all the stores are closed. We knit, ate pizza, and watched the Rankin-Bass "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer." I also got to go an Anime convention for the first time, which was interesting to say the least. I was amazed at the costumes and could kick myself for not getting more photos. It was odd, though, because other than a Sailor Moon here and there, I really couldn't recognize any of the characters; I'm just not that much into anime. From a crafting standpoint, though, it was awesome. This is where Clarine and I got to meet for the first time IRL, and thankfully it was not awkward or scary (other than the occasional furries). We had a good time hanging out showing some con-goers how to knit. (We taught two boys—a ninja and a luchador!) She even made sure to get a room with two beds in case the weather got bad and Hubby and I were trapped in Ohio–how sweet is that? Honestly, we probably would have stayed had we not had parental One of the con organizers was pleased and was thinking about putting in a five hour crafting free-for-all in the programming next year. At the Smiffin's for New Year's I drank copious amounts of cheap wine and watched (kind of) Planet of the Apes and I felt more comfortable around their friends, which is good. I learned how to play Presidents and Assholes (card game), and I wasn't very good at it. Hubby and I smoochied in the New Year with the Lich King, er, I mean, Dick Clark, on the TV. When Dylan was here we played Heroquest with the ReBelle girls and their beaus. I swear sometimes that Phillip (our DM) wants to strangle us, and I would wager that 98% of the time we deserve it. I'm glad he keeps DMing for us, though. Silly as it is, Heroquest nights are fun, and I like hanging out with SNB'ers for non-SNB activities.

No Shit, There I Was....

Ok, I think that's it. Oh, yes, I also cooked a whole bunch. Craziness. Happy New Year!

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thus proclaimeth the Zabet  2:13 PM   4 comment(s)


You've got to be pretty intoxicated to be good at presidents and assholes.

And even then, you're not really good. It's just perception.

By Blogger Britz, at 9:21 PM  

As a Something Positive fan, I have to say I'm envious of you hanging out with Clarine. (I've been trying to post comments on here for months, but it won't let me.)

By Blogger Colleen, at 7:34 PM  

If you're only to book 4 and you think Goodkind is preachy, wait until you get to book 6 and up. I've read the whole series except the last book, and I'm just dreading starting it (I have signed 1st edition HC's of books 1-10, I fell in love with the characters in book 1, but ye gods his writing has gone downhill over the last few books)

By Blogger jaegan, at 4:37 AM  

Britz: Yeah, I think I would have been "better" had I not been the sober one and actively trying to not drink so I could drive home, since Hubby got all snookered.

Colleen: She's my stalker! I luffs her!

Russ: Oh man, I'm on Chainfire now and I've learned to just skim the preachy parts. Makes the reading go faster, too. Heh.

By Blogger Zabet, at 9:47 AM  

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