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.: 3.17.2008 


Friday we hid from the world.

Saturday we went up to see my dad and check out the Toyota dealership. They only had two white Prius* on the lot, and Hubby and I were dead set against white. They are now trying to hunt down a black one for us (which my father, the Toyota employee, informs us is the most unpopular car color). If we can't find one soonish, we shall switch to color choice #2: magnetic grey. (Think hematite.)

Afterwards we went to dinner with Colleen and Jay, who have been hidden away in NC for far too long. It was good to see them again, and Aim-- no, Ami-- ah fuckit, Ames. I've known the girl for nigh upon 15 years; you'd think I could spell her name by now.

Sunday we did laundry and went to SNB. Left my phone there and found pictures on it when I returned... I must say I am disappointed in the lack of creativity. Nary a bumcheek or toilet in frame.

Later Rae and Bug helped us get the last things we wanted out of the old house, that is, the washer and dryer. Those were ours, they didn't come with the house. Though, it's kind of funny. Right now I have two washers, two dryers, and one combo unit in my house. You'd think I was doing laundry for the Army. But we have one friend who needs a washer and another who needs a dryer, and we're going to eBay the combo unit, so it's all good. We even got to call the police on the scary dog next door for old time's (and safety's) sake. Thankfully we got a very nice officer.

I'm extra excited about the car as it means I can visit Cleveland at the end of the month per Shannon Okey's invitation. She's all famous-like, trust me. And? Worships the Wheadon. I think I love her. Is gay marriage legal in Ohio? I think the Hubby would like her, too.

*Boring linguistic sidenote: according to Wikipedia it's named "after the Latin word for to go before." My Langenscheidt Latin dictionary claims prius to be the adverbial form of prior, thus, previously or earlier would be a better translation, or if you absolutely needed to, simply give up and go back to the cognate adjective PRIOR. But how to make it plural? It can't be done, sweetie, it's a freaking adverb. Adverbs come in three flavors: modifying an adjective, another adverb, or a verb. They do not come in plural. Thus endeth the lesson.

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