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.: 3.27.2008 

Subtle Nuances of Meaning

According to my first love, the OED online:
process, n. 8. A continuous and regular action or succession of actions occurring or performed in a definite manner, and having a particular result or outcome; a sustained operation or series of operations. (Now the most common use.)
Scary Asian Bosslady approaches every problem with the same question: "What's the process?" This is mostly because, being middle management, she has very little idea of how many things actually run (since she doesn't have to do them) but is usually pretty good at finding the person to explain it to her. Granted, for the folks who know what they are doing, this process (no pun intended) is very tedious, but it can't be helped.

So today we are tackling a huge bulletproofing/testing session that happens once every 18 to 24 months, and is always last minute and horrible. Guess what? This time it's last minute and horrible. But this time Sacry Asian Bosslady is stepping in to clean it up. The problem, though, is that we're already at the last minute and horrible part, and trying to implement the kind of well-thought-out and thorough testing process it needs takes time that we don't have and adds a huge amount of stress, especially to my poor Hubby who is already doing about eighteen jobs at once since our sysadmin left for greener pastures.

Unsatisfied with the "wtf do you want NOW?" attitude she was getting from Hubby (and possibly worried by the wild look in his eyes and the hyperventilating), she has inserted me into this clusterfuck. Now, I don't mind helping, but I have a sincere belief that the main reason I've been pegged for this is because I'm married to Hubby; I'm supposed to explain to him why Scary Asian Bosslady's plan is actually beneficial to us all. She said to me, "You know my process," and that's when it clicked: Not process as in methodology, not process as in sequence, but process as in strange quirks of my type-A personality and control freak nature that you have learned it is best to give up and appease when I get like this.

Fucking hell.


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