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.: 4.28.2008 

I would also like to note the following:

We did MASSIVE cleaning on the house on Sunday. This will make no sense if you don't know the layout of the house, but here goes: The granite-top island (on wheels) is in the same place, but instead of being just up against the wall it is now doubling as our beverage center. Trés chic! There's a ceramic crock with Highbridge Springs 5 gal. water jugs, the electric kettle, assorted teas and teapots, and the microwave. The microwave really doesn't have anything to do with beverages, but moving it to the island gives me more counter space in the kitchen.

Where the microwave was is now a mostly empty counter; the utensils crock (can you call it a crock when it's made of stainless steel?) and the two scales are there. The outlet is freely available if I need the space for crockpotting or whathaveyou. Moving the scales and utensils to the right-hand side of the stove and moving the teapots to the island freed up mucho space on the left-hand side of the stove. The little shelf now holds spices on top (from left to right: Indian, Mexican, Italian, and then frequently used ones) and oversize spice jars on the bottom (bay leaves, peppercorns, sea salt and such). The knives are between the spice shelves and the stove.

Moving the spices out of the drawer is awesome, because the spice drawer was so heavy I frequently tried to bend my nails backwards getting it open. The extra spices (those used rarely or second jars of spices up on the shelf) are still in the drawer, but they only take up half the space. Not sure what else I'll put in there. I also swapped the spice drawer with the kitchen towels drawer, so that the easier-to-reach drawer has the thing that is most-used in it (towels).

The cloth napkins have been moved to the top drawer of the Norden table, which is positioned so that Hubby and I can pull up one leaf so we can eat on it without having to move it.

And? Hubby cleaned the cat room and the downstairs bathroom. I scrubbed down the kitchen. We are going to rearrange the living room tonight and clean the floors downstairs, maybe hang some pictures.

"Beef" Stroganoff for dinner. I think we shall make use of our new table, even though we'll have to sit on stools because we haven't gotten chairs yet. It makes me feel very Russian, but in a good, frugal sort of way. (Стул /stul/ is Russian for chair and indeed when I was in Russia our kitchen table folded down from the wall and we sat on stools to eat.)

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