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.: 4.20.2008 

In which everything revolves around food.

Things I need to mention before I forget!

Went out to dinner on Thursday with Janis and her 'rents to celebrate her lack of thyroid cancer. Best. Kind. Of celebration. Ever. We went to that pho shop Janis had been wanting to try, Pho BC. It was delish! Pho is a Vietnamese noodle-soup dish with lots of things on the side to add in: fresh jalapeños, fresh basil, bean sprouts, lime, Sriracha (hot chili) sauce, and hoisin sauce.

I will admit I was very surprised that the pho's broth was so fragrant and delicate. I got pho with meatballs and expected ye olde boring beef stock. The broth was actually spiced with cinnamon and cloves, maybe anise? By itself, the pho was not spicy. I added basil (nom!), bean sprouts (crunchy nom!), and three slices of jalapeños. The jalapeños slowly steep their spiciness into the dish, so that by the end it was quite spicy.

Unexpectedly, the 'rents paid for our meal, too. It has been so long since a parental unit has sprung for a dinner out that I was a little stunned. Luckily, pho is pretty cheap, so I don't think we were an undue burden, and still, it was very kind of them.

Geeky linguistic tangent: Vietnamese is a tonal language, and you are probably going to mispronounce pho in phenomenal ways. Try at least not to say foe but rather fuh, where the uh is a schwa like at the end of the word sofa (if you speak American English). Follow the link to pho above for a recording of what it actually sounds like. It sounds more like fuuuh? to this tonally-impaired English speaker.

Friday I went to lunch with a client of mine who is a bright and shining example of how I wish all my clients would behave. She learns quickly, knows when to ask for help (i.e., before screwing something up beyond repair), and gives me lots of lead time. I [heart] her! We've been developing courses together now for about three years, but it's all be via email. We have been trying to have lunch together for at least the past 18 months, but it's been comically bad the way we keep missing each other. But Friday, finally, we both managed to be at Mai Thai on the same day at the same time. It was good fun, and a very nice break in my work day.

Saturday (yesterday) we hung out with J and Gi for the first time in forever. The piano room had been packed full with appliances (washer, dryer, combo washer-dryer), but yesterday they came and took the last thing (the dryer) off our hands. It's awesome, you should see how much space there is in the piano room! Afterwards we went out to eat (you're shocked, I know) to Oasis. Mmmm Oasis. It was delicious as always. We hung out and chatted and chatted and hung out until we realized the restaurant was getting busy, so vacated our table. Then we went on to JoBeth to hang out more in the café and to visit my book. Ok, the café was a bit of a bust. To any SNB'ers reading this, remember why we left the café? Yeah, it all still applies. Our waiter was at least indifferent rather than contemptuous, but that was the only improvement. Alas. Also? $2.75 for instant cocoa! I made them take it back and give me steamed milk with chocolate in it. (Hershy's syrup, so a half-step up at least.) But then we went to see the book and I made them read bits and generally stood around gooning like an idiot while they reassured me that YES I was funny and YES they were proud of me. Hee.

The best part? All this in my first week of healthy bandwagon I have still lost 2.5 lbs.

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thus proclaimeth the Zabet  7:45 AM   1 comment(s)


where be the pho shop, yo?!

By Blogger robiewankenobie, at 6:35 PM  

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