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.: 5.28.2008 

My Teeth Hurt

So you know it's going to be a looooong post when you've heard nothing out of me for nigh upon a week. I had really meant to post before the weekend, but it just didn't happen. So, here we go.

1. We are fostering a bunny!
L (one of the SNB'ers) has moved to Nanju, S. Korea, to be an English teacher. Her original person to care for Spooky, her mini-rex, fell through because Spooky was apparently terrified of the resident toddler. Spooky was already a bit of a special-needs bunny since she had been rescued from an abusive situation; she won't tolerate dogs or being picked up. Hrm, we thought, Hates dogs and children... that's a bunny after my own heart! Hopefully we will be able to find Spooky a good home where she can be Top Bunny, but in the meantime I'm really enjoying having her around. She is so cute I want to just die, die, die. Every time she does something it's The Cutest Thing In The World (tm). She has adjusted to life in the craft room pretty well, rubbing her chin on everything (mine! mine! mine!) and flopping in the middle of the floor for pets and loves. I am harboring a secret hope that she can integrate with the cats so we can keep her, but we've not been even trying that yet.

2. Pamatinis are not for the uninitiated.
As much as I hated to see L head off for parts unknown (I don't think I ever went to Nanju, anyway...), we had a hell of a time sending her off. The SNB tried making some pamatinis (1:1:1 of pommagranite liquor [Pama], orange liquor [Tripple Sec], and vodka [Rain]) and it was hugely disappointing until J showed up with champagne. There was the drunkest knitting ever, I think. Better than Knit Like A Pirate night!

4. Bluegrass Mehstival of Books
It was interesting to hang out with some other authors with the same publisher. We got to compare notes, and it was good to know that it wasn't just us who felt that the different departments seem to have no idea what is going on. Lots of friends stopped by, including my in-laws (who single-handedly doubled our book sales that day). The Festival was much smaller than it usually is, and of course Harlot came in April so so getting to rub elbows with her. Ne and Hubby and I hit El Toro afterwards, and then there was much napping.

5. Wrockstock was awesome!
So, I am learning about myself. I learned that I pretty much cannot go somewhere new and be dropped into a bunch of new people without seriously freaking out for about 36-48 hours. Which sucks especially because by the time I am getting comfortable, it's time to go home (remember Yarn School?). It was also pretty surreal to be somewhere that Hubby knew everyone and everyone knew him. He was a mini-celeb. I think that made me freak out a little harder because I realized that we were no longer in the same wrock fan circle. He had been moved up to the wrock promoter circle, and I was the groupie. Talk about a 180 for us! But I saw a LOT of wrock and got a LOT of hugs and captured a LOT of video which still needs to be prettified before I will release it out into the ether.

5. I have a ZOOM!
A Samson ZOOM H2 Handy Recorder, that is. In other words, phear mah mad audio skillz. I can't wait to use it to record cool stuff. (It was a birthday-money purchase. Thanks, Dad!) Now I'll be able to record in Ontario at the podcaster's conference so I can put together a "this is what I learned when you spent $1500 sending me to Canada" podcast.

6. I am the Mucous Queen again.
I blame the large amount of children at the YMCA of the Ozarks. I would blame Brenda, but Hubby assures me that you cannot get germs via Skype.

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thus proclaimeth the Zabet  11:15 AM   2 comment(s)


I am glad you posted, I was worried! I am so jealous of your bunny... that is my latest obsession. I want a big bunny that wants to sit on my lap (particularly, a Flemish Giant). As we are renting, it is not a Good Idea right now.

By Blogger Colleen, at 6:18 PM  

Thanks again so much for fostering Spooky. I miss her already here! That was a heck of a good send-off. I'll drink some soju here and see if I can top the drunkest knitting ever!

By Blogger Knitting Magic Girl, at 3:49 AM  

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