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.: 6.16.2008 

Oh, Canada?

I know I spend a lot of time idealizing our northern neighbor, what with its crazy ideas about accessible health care and gun control, but this story proves that you can find assholes anywhere:

Woman fired after shaving head for cancer charity

With Hubby having lost two aunts to cancer and my friends Janis and K2 both barely 30 years old and dealing with it, I can't believe that anyone could be so callous. Yes, it's a shock to see a woman shave her head in Western culture, but it's not always about having a psychotic break, a là Britney Spears, or becoming a lesbian, and it certainly in no way keeps you from being able to waitress.
"...owner and chef Dan Hilliard defended his decision, saying the restaurant has certain standards. He prohibits male staff from wearing earrings and requires employees keep their hair at a reasonable length."
Wait, so having ONE sexist rule about not letting men wear earrings means that it's okay to have a SECOND sexist rule about hair length? I understand that working in a kitchen has safety hazards and health code standards, so it's reasonable that you would, say, need to tie back long hair or not wear any jewelry at all, but to say it's ok for one and not the other? Are we living in the 21st century or not? This is ridiculous.
"'She was surprised by the treatment. (The owners are) nice people. They're good people. It's just surprising the way that they treated her and I think that was what hurt her so much.'"
Ah yes, the "but they're good people" defense. The defense that lets subtle racism, sexism, ageism, pick-your-ism simmer while everyone turns a blind eye. Oh, too bad Joe Blow doesn't like Mexicans and won't hire any, but he donates thousands of dollars to the Salvation Army, so he's a good person.

Wake up, folks.

(PS - Hubby just cut his hair this weekend to send his pretty, pretty man-curls off to Locks of Love. My Hubby rocks.)

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thus proclaimeth the Zabet  9:43 AM   2 comment(s)


You dated Belmont Magill? Which one? There are three generations and I'm related to them all. Also, I'm a pastafarian. Small-ish world.

white5974 at gee mail dot com

By OpenID vwhite5974, at 12:08 AM  

Woah. Blast from the past! I'll email you.

By Blogger Zabet, at 11:48 AM  

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