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.: 9.18.2008 

Cool Beans, Spiffy Wangles, Garth Brooks, and Mashed Potatoes

Did you guys say that in high school? I learned it at GSP. Very odd, but it stuck.

Last Friday was Hubby's birthday, and we celebrated with about 16 of our favorite people at Mellow Mushroom. Much Bourbon Barrel Ale was bought for Hubby. (I took upon my shoulders the mantle of DD for the evening.) So here's a thought… did you ever think you'd spend $230 in beer and pizza in one evening? We did. What can I say? The festivities were seriously festive. Afterwards we headed to Marika's with LPP & her boy, and we were joined by P&R. The boys kept feeding Patrick beer. The next logical step? Rock Band, of course, until the very wee hours of the mornin'.

(Marika's, btw, is next to the Drum Center of Lexington. I gazed into the window [getting odd looks from the folks inside -- though what they were doing in there at midnight I have no idea], lusting over drums. But no drums until the piano is gone! Must get rid of piano!)

After sleeping it off through most of the day, we awakened in time to shower and head back over to P&R's for grilling out/more Rock Band. Again, we played until the wee hours. I drummed so much that my shoulder started to hurt and my kick drum ankle cramped later that evening (morning?). I had so much fun though, so it was worth it. I got through "March of the Pigs" better than I ever have before.

Sunday R cut my hair. Monday I dyed it. I don't really remember Tuesday, other than I made "pasta bake" for dinner.* Wednesday, Spooky made it downstairs three times. She's much smarter than we thought she would be -- I always had thought of pet rabbits as being things that just stared at you, but she has a definite, spunky personality. We'll need to give up and bunny-proof the downstairs, I think. Not sure how to hide all the computer cords yet without building special furniture… Sometimes I wish I were Amy Wynn.

*1 box whole wheat pasta (usually penne or fusilli), 1 jar sugarless sauce, 1 jar water into 9x11 dish, 2 cups shredded mozzarella on top, cover with foil, bake at 450ºF for ~25 minutes, uncovered for the last 5 minutes.

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thus proclaimeth the Zabet  11:18 AM   4 comment(s)


Do you cook the pasta or just dump it in? If you don't have to cook it first that is seriously something we need to be eating.

By Blogger robyn, at 1:10 PM  

Dump it in dry! Easiest. Pasta. Ever.

By Blogger Zabet, at 1:28 PM  

Ooh, I think I'm going to have to try pasta bake. Maybe throwing in some canned or frozen veggies would be good too.

We just went to Guitar Center and bought a drum throne for our drumset. And I fondled some bass guitars, thinking maybe I should give it a try some day.

Happy belated birthday Patrick!

By Blogger Janis, at 6:27 PM  

Glad to know Spooks still has her normal personality. She definitely loves you all if she's doing stuff like that. Let me know if I can help financially with bunny-proofing the downstairs since I partly created the monster bunny's personality by letting her roam everywhere :oP

By Blogger Knitting Magic Girl, at 10:12 PM  

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