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.: 10.03.2008 

I don't think we're having the same conversation.

Watched the VP debate last night over at the Casa de Archeologists with the non-sick half of Casa de Rock Band and some folks I don't think I've met before. (Also archeologists -- who knew there were so many?) Palin bingo was very disappointing; it's almost as if her handlers found the bingo cards and gave her a list of things to not say.

Afterwards there was lots of commentary by women. I am torn between being happy that so many women are being asked their opinion and being disgusted because I know they were only invited because they have a vagina. I must admit I found it shocking that the general consensus was that Palin did very well and generally shone. Excuse me? Did we watch the same debate? Did you not see her get snarky and catty when on the defensive? Did you not see her lose her beauty queen smile under fire? Did you not get frustrated that she was even more circuitous in her answers than the average politician?

Also, I was a little confused as to why Biden was dinged for talking too much about himself and not Obama. I mean, Obama and McCain do nothing BUT talk about themselves. If you're going to be VP, I want to hear about you, where your strengths are, how you are going to be an asset, what you would do in the event that you do actually become president, etc. Everyone keeps throwing around the phrase "a heartbeat away" -- if it's that's important, and that fine a line between P and VP, asserting your qualities and beliefs is important. Ferraro said that the VP pick was pretty much inconsequential when it comes down to voting; voters vote with only the presidential nominee in mind and therefore Biden had to no reason to be selling himself. Largely I would agree that in the past this was true, but I really think this election is changing that since Obama didn't pick Clinton and McCain did pick Palin. (Sorry Biden; you'll just have to take solace in the knowledge that you are actually a damn good pick even if you don't have rabid fans like Palin and Clinton.)

Plus, I know I was never in debate club, but is it just me or was this more "talking with time limits" rather than "debating"? The most debate-y it got was when one candidate asserted a fact and the other said it was absolutely not true. (Which isn't an argument, just contradiction.)

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