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.: 11.26.2008 

I type so cute when I'm tired.

Written to my friends in the Green Room on Tuesday morning when I got home from a Whomp the House concert at Monica's:
2:24am. Just got home from wizard rock concert at someone's house. Funny story: Towards the end of intermission I think I hear Tim's voice. That's odd. Oh wait, no it's not. It's my 10pm "Come and sit by the bed" cell phone alarm which is supposed to remind me to take my pills (and hopefully prod me to go to bed early, to which, as you already know, I am not predisposed -- Timothy may be sad to learn that even his dulcet tones cannot lure me). My cell phone is of course in my purse, which is of course downstairs and across the room from me, meaning EVERYONE (about 20 people) get to hear my purse beg me repeatedly to come and sit by the bed with it. Thank gods there was a futon there to provide a modicum of continuity for its request. Hilarity ensued. I love you all and must sleep now.
Also, I got quite a bit of the concert on my Zoom before the card filled up, so I'll be posting that at some point. Damn good audio. I [heart] my Zoom.


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