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.: 12.12.2008 

Why Don't I Just Bend Over This Barrel For You?

In October, my usually directly deposited paycheck mysteriously showed up on my desk at work. Now, since I've had direct deposit for eight years, I'm not the first to grab what is my paystub and open it up. No, I waited ONE DAY. Upon opening, I realized I had an actual check, and I raced to deposit it. Of course, I wasn't fast enough to avoid getting slammed with $64 in insufficient funds fees. The payroll department told me they would refund that to me, which they did.

No, they didn't. They asked the bank to refund the fees on my behalf. Which was fine, except that apparently you only get ONE "goodwill fee refund" a YEAR now. (Or maybe it was always that way, I just never needed it.)

Fast forward to Tuesday, when we got the car out of the body shop (from when I was hit in Kansas in September). This is DON JACOBS BODY SHOP, folks, and you might want to avoid them after you hear this. We were given a quote that jived with the check the offending driver's insurance sent us (about $1400), so we said, yes, go on with it. Well, at no time during the process when they checked back with me did anyone say it had gone over quote. I sent Hubby to pick up the car, we had deposited the insurance company's check, so he paid for it with the debit card.

I've been sick. I've been out of the office on Wednesday, half of Thursday, and today, in fact. Remember how I've said before that I look at our checking account EVERY MORNING? Not while sick I haven't. Last night I looked and we were mysteriously overdrawn by about $250. What did it? The payment that was about $550 more than it should have been to Don Jacobs.

So, ok, I should have been paying more attention. Hubby should have been paying more attention. However, Don Jacobs should have brought it to my attention that repairs had gone over quote. It was not pointed out to Hubby when he made the payment, or he would have called me to make sure I knew. (We do have our acts together at least that much!) A call to Don Jacobs has them scrambling, but in a way doesn't really help because nothing is going to credit until Monday and we have family gatherings this weekend that require gas for travel and ingredients for potlucks. I called the bank to see about having the insufficient funds fees removed because this domino effect wouldn't have happened had we been charged correctly by Don Jacobs to begin with, and Don Jacobs does at least seem to think they have transgressed in some way or else they wouldn't be trying to fix it. However, this is where Paragraph 2 comes back into play.

And we wonder why people who are trying to get their financial lives back in order have so much trouble? I am tempted to try to live without a checking account entirely, but I know that it would create even more hassle. As it is, I can open my bank's website and pay every single bill for a month in about five minutes. Seeing as how I'm the girl who can't get to the Post Office to mail things she promised to friends months ago, how well do you think this would play out if I had to get money orders for all my bills and then mail them?

Sage's voice in the back of my mind repeats, "First World problem. First World problem. First World problem." I know she's right. I have a house with heat, hot and cold running potable water, a job with decent medical care, I don't live in fear of being bombed or raped, and we own a freaking Prius for the love of all that's holy. I need to shut the fuck up. It's just so frustrating to be working inside the system and still getting screwed—it also points out how much everyone else is also getting screwed. Why are we even using this system if we're all being screwed?


thus proclaimeth the Zabet  5:15 PM   1 comment(s)


overdraft protection - you needs it

By Blogger sarah, at 7:29 PM  

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