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.: 2.20.2009 

WTF of the Day

So, on Facebook, they target you with ads based on your profile info, how you have rated other ads (if any), what groups/causes you've joined and which things you have marked yourself a fan of. Since I am a married woman in my 30s, this means I am bombarded with ads about how to lift my butt/breasts/cheeks/eyelids, how to loose weight, and how to be a great mom. Every now and then I get in a snit and mark these ads "Offensive," but all that's done is convince FB that I am a lesbian with 423,564 cats.

After about a week of not marking any ads "offensive" (which gets tiring, because they every time you mark one, a new one comes up, and it's usually from the same damn people hawking the same damn thing), FB must think I am pregnant, because the number baby-related ads has skyrocketed. Among these is an ad for something I just had to go check out (but NOT by click thru via FB): Child Safety Tattoos. Interesting concept, but if you're going to go through that much trouble it seems to me it might just be easier (and safer, information-wise) to have your child microchipped at the Humane Society. Though I did like the idea of using them as food allergy warnings. But I digress.

My favorite thing is this image. I have to be constantly aware of promoting diversity in my job as a graphic designer. Whoever made their website was not so conscious. This image screams, "Don't worry, we will keep only your precious WHITE children safe, because putting a light background behind that phone number would have been just too much trouble." Yes, they have other designs with backgrounds behind the text, but to pick this as their PRIME EXAMPLE? They might as well have added some expository text that reads, "Hello, I am a racist. I may not actively be a racist, but I've lived in an all-white suburban neighborhood for so long that I've not only forgotten to be afraid of people of color, I've forgotten they exist entirely."


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thus proclaimeth the Zabet  8:59 AM   3 comment(s)


Facebook keeps sending me ads for lesbian dating sites. :/

By Blogger newsbug, at 6:37 AM  

Facebook keeps sending me ads for Korean stupid t-shirts. Is it bad that I saw the dinosaur kid tattoo and got mad that they said it was a brontosaurus...there is no such dinosaur ::hides paleo geek flag::

By Blogger Knitting Magic Girl, at 7:58 AM  

Good, lord. Please send me an email with your FB name because this makes stalking easier.

By Blogger Clarine, at 12:28 AM  

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