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.: 3.24.2009 

Sore Shoulder

But well worth it. We used some of our tax return money to get musical. Hubby got an inexpensive starter electric guitar, and I got the crazy drum controller for Rock Band. (It's basically an electric drum that uses the game as a drum brain. If I get good, next year I can buy an actual brain and play sans a pixelated avatar.)

Parts of using the new controller are natural - hitting the high hat with my right hand while my left hits the snare, for example. Other parts are very UNnatural - like the game not caring if I hit my crash cymbal or my low tom, because they translate to "she hit the green button" for it. So, if I want to play more realistically, I have to either know or anticipate where I'm going in the song. This isn't impossible, but it IS one more thing to pay attention to. Line of green quarter notes with a red (snare) played every 4th beat? I should probably play the cymbal. One hit on each color note ending in two greens? That's probably a fill down the toms ending with a crash. It makes for even more braining during play than I'm used to, but it still so effing fun I can't hardly stand it.

The set is also just physically bigger, wider, than the original controller. That's where the sore shoulder comes into play. Not too sore, not so sore that it's not fine the next day, but sore enough that I realize I'm having to reach to hit the low tom or the crash. Short arms are a handicap for a drummer. Not insurmountable, but noticeable.


Hubby is facing his own challenges on guitar. He's played a little bass, so he's slightly familiar with it, but there are more strings than he's used to. Also, he's got small hands for a guy (no, he's not a carnie), so he doesn't have a much reach as, say, my brother would. Finger strength is also an issue, but nothing that won't improve with practice.

We're practically a band! Hell, we're practically The White Stripes, minus the divorce, hee.

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