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.: 8.12.2009 

Zabet's Cheap Eats Tip

'Tis the season for a fuckload of zucchini!

If you're like me and avoid the Great Outdoors with a passion and generally hate gardening because you're pretty much allergic to everything you touch (or that stings you), you absolutely must find the Green Thumb in your circle of friends, because chances are that he or she has a vegetable garden and WILL BE completely overrun with zucchini come August.

So how do massive amounts of zucchini fit into the Cheap Eats? Simple:

1. They are FREE. Your gardening friends will either be anxious to have their veggies eaten before they rot, proud of their garden and looking to show off, entirely sick of eating nothing but zucchini for the past two weeks, or any combination thereof. This works to your advantage, because while buying local, organic zucch at the Co-Op is awesome, getting FREE local, organic zucch from your friends is awesomer.

2. They are fabulous dish-extenders. Your sister brought her boyfriend to the cookout? Mince that zucch and mix it into your ground beef with seasonings before making putting those hamburger patties on the grill. Also in the awesome extender department is the fact that...

3. ...they are the tofu of vegetables. A zucchini will pick up any flavor you surround it with. Lentil soup? Namaste! Spaghetti sauce? Ciao! Cheese enchiladas? Olé!

4. They can be sneaky! If you, like me, suffer from squash-related phobias*, you can peel and puree the suckers into oblivion before adding them to most dishes, whereupon they hide themselves in between the other delicious molecules, never to be seen again.

*In my defense, I've worked on this enough to be able to eat chopped, unpeeled zucchini in dishes. Other forms of squash are still right out, though. Don't even get me started on eggplant. (It's an abomination.)


thus proclaimeth the Zabet  1:30 PM   2 comment(s)


Mmmm eggplant. Also, not a squash. :D

By Blogger Janis, at 9:17 PM  

I know! 'Cos it's an ABOMINATION!!! :)

By Blogger Zabet, at 10:04 PM  

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