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.: 5.28.2012 

Soon Will Come August

(Melody totally ganked from AFP. Edits made in Nov 2012 after the lyrics settled.)

Soon will come August
and the calendar will insist
that it's time to let it all go.
A cycle of pages,
sunsets and sun raises,
and I've lost a year in the flow.

Time's bearing down on me,
friends with sweet memory
and enemy to my lists and plans,
but I can't shake this sorrow.
Not today, not tomorrow and
not with these unprepared hands.

I miss you, I miss you,
I wish I could reach for you,
I wish I could just hold your hand.
I'm sorry for fighting.
I thought it was the right thing.
I didn't know what kind of man
you were.

I know you were trying
to live like we might be
friends at the end of all
and I think that we made it
or at least that we faked it
enough to fool both of our walled-
off hearts.

And I would give anything,
gladly stop living if
I thought it'd bring you back;
give up this breathing and
give up repeating the
mistakes that threw us off track.

But it doesn't work that way.
I know it, you don't have to say
that neither science nor magic can make
sense of the loss,
of feeling sea-tossed.
and we'd better give as good as we take.

I miss you, I miss you,
I wish you could hear me through
the ether, across empty space,
but my only solace comes
when I acknowledge that
some day, I'll take your place.

And soon will come August
and summer will insist
that I start to let it all go.
A book full of pages,
grief that comes in stages
and I've lost a year in the flow.

"and when the wizard gets to me,
i'm asking for a smaller heart"

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