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.: 10.15.2012 

Musing from the Unemployment Office

I just spent 90 minutes waiting at the unemployment office to fill out a form that took 90 seconds. Had it been available online, I could have walked in with it already filled out and just turned it in. Hell, had it been available online in any well-programed kind of capacity, I could have filled it out AND submitted it online, along with PDFs of my supporting documentation (i.e. paystubs, which, btw, WERE PDFs TO BEGIN WITH that I had to print out to turn in). I mean, I get having a face-to-face/paper option is necessary because not all these people have computers or employers who have gone paperless, etc, but DAYUM. It is 20-fricking-12!

I am amazed that there aren't more shootings. Seriously and genuinely amazed.

Another thing that amazed me is that with an average wait time of 60 to 90 minutes, none of the people there had brought books or something else to occupy themselves with--not even portable videogame type things. Very few people had fancy phones to keep them occupied--I think I saw two, everyone else had flip phones, like mine. I was extra-careful to not leave the house today without my knitting, and made quite a lot of progress on this kimono-style sleeve for the shrug I'm making.

Best thing overheard while waiting: The single phone-help lady, when a coworker brought her hearing aid over to her, "OH! I had wondered why everything had gotten so quiet!" Same lady, later, on the phone with a client, loud as can be, "OH, ARE YOU A FELON?!?" *eyeroll* Jesus, lady!

Also, I realized on my way home that THIS is exactly the kind of thing college has prepared me for: Navigating the Unemployment Office. Learning that deadlines are deadlines and you NEED TO KNOW when they are, and having to provide documentation, and knowing that I should log everything I do and everyone I talk to for the NEXT time I have to talk to someone.... all of this I learned, some of it the hard way, in securing financial aid year after year in college. Wow.

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