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.: 2.17.2013 

Valentine's Day

This is a melody
for a song
that is unwritten, it is unwritten.
And if you ever
said I'd sing it for you,
I would have laughed, oh I would have laughed.

How can I say
such words out loud?
Am I insane?
Am I too proud?

Did you ever know
how much you meant?
Did you ever see
how much I wept?

Oh, I wept, I wept, I wept.

So this is the part
where I start composing
lyrics for you, lyrics for you,
and I wish I could stop
all of this pouring,
but it's all I can do, it's all I can do.

Just please stop time,
hit pause; rewind!
There has to be
some love to find!

I broke so much,
ran out of luck.
I broke you, too,
shattered with my touch.

Oh, my touch, my touch, my touch.

I looked at you
early this morning
across the way, across the way,
and I realized
the person I loved
was no longer the same, no longer the same.

I swear that I thought
I'd love you forever
For so many years, so many years
But I guess I couldn't
love you enough
to carry us through all these tears, through all these tears.

With words I seek
solace and peaceful mind;
forgive that I'm weak,
do not think me unkind.

The World's tide is
bearing me along.
Other hopes await,
which obscure but do thee no wrong.

Oh no wrong, no wrong, no wrong.

This is the part
where you express fear
and say, "Oh no, she writes! Oh no, she writes!"
And you confess:
you worry one day
I'll write you out of my life, out of my life.

Well, you're not wrong:
this lonesome song
will always stay
on our last page.

It's not enough,
however much you meant.
I never wanted you to know
how much I wept.

Oh, I wept, I wept, I wept.

[Thanks to Emily Brontë for being too dead to care that I paraphrased from "Remembrance" for the italicized section.]

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